Stationery Design.

Did you know that stationery design dates back to the 1860s?

It's true - and in fact, we have Abraham Lincoln to thank for the first letterhead. During his re-election campaign, he printed the illustration of his portrait in the top left corner of his letters, and that’s how it all began.

Your business stationery is a first-hand representation of your company to the public. As such, it needs to convey an overall company message. In many ways, the design of your company’s stationery should have the same elements as other print or digital design, as all designed material should be considered as a coherent segment of your branding strategy.

Successful print design will add authority to the business letter that has been written, regardless of whether you have written a standard business letter or a sales letter. Your business stationery will be used for multiple purposes and may be an initial introduction of your company, or it could be used to further your brand identity. Regardless of how your company collateral is used within each situation, it’s imperative that you design effective stationery.

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